Success for generations: environmental protection at WAGO

At WAGO, we see environmental protection not only as compliance with environmental protection requirements.

As a growing company, our commitment to the environment drives our efforts to deliver new ideas, new concepts and new technologies along the product lifecycle. Here our employees and business partners support us.

At all levels:

  • Certified management system
  • Corporate environmental protection
  • Product-related environmental protection

Corporate environmental protection

Business growth also leads to higher consumption of resources. We have realized that the economic success of a company also depends on the achievement of environmental goals.
As a manufacturing company, we therefore support developments that make a contribution to environmental protection. In doing so, we always pursue individual material flows along the value chain, because we see resources, product design, production and consumption as a whole.
With our environmental management system certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001, we ensure that the required national and international requirements are complied with in all areas of the company and that the concept of environmental protection is practiced in all corporate processes. In addition, WAGO is pursuing further efforts in the field of environmental protection that go far beyond the requirements of ISO
Some examples include the recycling of plastics, resource savings on product and packaging materials, the use of recycled paper throughout the company, the introduction of e-filling stations and the use of waste heat from production processes.

Product-related environmental protection

Product-related environmental protection is an important part of sustainable environmental management at WAGO. Ensuring compliance with substance bans / restrictions worldwide, such as: As REACH, RoHS has a high priority.

• RoHS – Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances

It is an EC directive that regulates the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. In addition to reducing the harmful effects on humans and the environment, legislation aims to improve recycling possibilities. WAGO closely monitors the development regarding RoHS and reacts promptly to specifications accordingly. Our products, which comply with the material requirements of RoHS, are eg: B. provided on the packaging with a "RoHS Compliant" mark.

• REACH – Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals

On 01.06.2007 the regulation (EC) no. 1907/2006 (REACH regulation) came into force and since then forms a valid legal basis for all EU member states. To protect human health and the environment, this EU Chemicals Regulation aims to classify and identify all chemicals, including their effects.

The REACH Regulation creates specific obligations for each actor in the supply chain. The products manufactured by WAGO are to be designated as products in the sense of the regulation. Since products are not subject to registration, WAGO usually assumes the role of the downstream user in the supply chain. WAGO therefore has an obligation to provide information along the supply chain in accordance with REACH Article 33. WAGO is naturally aware of this obligation.

• BOMcheck

European legislation such as REACH or RoHS requires the provision of information on restricted ingredients in products. This information must be shared by manufacturers and suppliers in the supply chain. WAGO meets this challenge in product-related environmental protection successfully and efficiently with BOMcheck.

BOMcheck is a centralized database for the declaration of ingredients. It is a compliance tool specifically designed to enable manufacturers and suppliers to produce their substance declarations under REACH, RoHS, and other restrictions on ingredients in an efficient and structured manner. This Internet database system increases data quality in the area of product-related environmental protection.

Further information on BOMcheck can be found at the following link:

• Less is more: our packaging

Recycling is the basis for choosing our packaging materials. All packaging used by WAGO can be recycled in the economic cycle without further pretreatment. In addition to the aspect of recycling, emphasis is placed on resource conservation. For this reason, our cardboard boxes consist of 80% recycled paper and are marked with the Resy symbol. The Resy symbol guarantees compliance with the Packaging Ordinance for transport packaging. The labeling is partly done by perforation. This process enables the colorless printing of WAGO cardboard boxes. This avoids unnecessary environmental pollution.